Choose Kiva Ladders For Chic Southwestern Home Decor

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Kiva ladders or Wooden Indian log ladders as they are also called are one of the most intriguing accessories for use in southwest decorating. While traveling or visiting the southwestern states you will surely notice that Indian log ladders are the most renown symbols of Native American style artwork, used for impressive, rustic and southwest style interior design. Kiva ladders are beautiful wooden ladders usually created from pine logs that have been hand scraped. The ladder rungs are then fastened to the two long poles with rawhide lacing. The ladder is smaller at the top than it is at the base, adding a Leitersprossen Abdeckung rutschhemmend Nachrüsten measure of height.

Incorporate the rustic look

One easy way to incorporate the rustic look and feel in your interior design, without actually decorating with pueblo designs, is to use the same primitive style, pueblo ladder or kiva wood ladder. The ladders will add a subtle but distinct pueblo or western look in the room. A kiva ladder also creates a terrific way to hang a few of your most treasured southwest tapestries or throw blankets. Other decorating accessories that combine well with log ladders are Navajo throws, Indian pottery and drums, hand made dough bowls and primitive style lamps with rawhide lamp shades. You can also use ladders to draw attention to beautiful designs you may like such as the tree of life pattern or other village designs. Using the kiva ladder as a way to display trinkets and nick-nacks will bring to life the Native American decor in your interior decorating, add interesting colors, and make the ladder functional in your interior decor.

There is something interesting about pueblo style dwellings made of adobe bricks with their wood ladders on the roofs. This image has become an icon in southwestern decorating and style. Many homes in the southwest are designed after the early pueblo style, and the kiva ladder is always present. You can find pueblo designs on rugs, dolls, pottery, paintings, art, and rustic furniture. And, the rustic log ladders are widely used in cabins, lodge style homes and also anywhere people like native or country design style.

How wooden ladders

Use some imagination. There is no limitation to how wooden ladders can be used. You can design a unique display or book shelf by combining two ladders together like an “A” frame with rustic boards between them on the ladders rungs for shelves. You probably already own some Native style throws you can use and put a small table beside it or an Indian drum and you will create a beautiful and useful design.

A lot people also use kiva ladders as a place to hang Native Leitersprossen Abdeckung rutschhemmend Nachrüsten style blankets to cover up with during those brisk winter nights. You could use kiva ladders to display extra blankets or comforters in your guest rooms when not needed. You can use kiva style Indian ladders in each of your rooms, in the same aspect or differently without it looking overly done. So, if you want a truly amazing Native Indian design element to incorporate into your interior decorating, use rustic Indian kiva ladders.

Extra protection with a ladder cover

A ladder cover is an effective way to protect users from slipping on worn or slippery ladders. This protective device are specially designed to to be fitted in traditional steel ladders. Since steel steps when wet are slippery, covers provide enough friction between the user’s shoes and the steps. A ladder cover widens the step’s surface area for better footing stability. It keeps the user secure by providing better foothold.

Ladder cover not only secures its user but also protects the ladder steps from being easily worn out. This ladder protection device also prevents the ladder from ruining any Leitersprossen Abdeckung rutschhemmend Nachrüsten surface that it comes in contact with.

Take an extra caution by using a cover for your ladder when climbing. This is especially advisable for workers working on extremely high areas. The higher you climb, the more protection and safety measures you should employ. Here are some ideas on how ladder covers can give you the peace of mind while working on ladders.

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