Cartoon Snoopy Drawing Kids | Snoopy Drawing Kids Tutorial

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Drawing Kids use the video tutorial and step-by-step sketching directions below to learn how to draw Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s cherished dog, from the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Shultz. A new cartoon sketching tutorial is added every week, so keep tuned.

I am beginning with a pencil sketch of Snoopy. Drawing Kids don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Use quick, soft strokes to sketch.

Step By Step Snoopy Drawing


  • To represent Charlie Brown’s dog Snoopy, begin by sketching an oval that resembles an egg at the top of the page. Below this oval, make a shape that resembles a massive water drop. Snoopy’s head and body will have the following basic shapes.


  • Next, draw two lines that cross the circle, one vertical and one horizontal. When the horizontal line meets the top of the body shape, make a slight bend in the line. Using these building lines, you may subsequently position Snoopy’s features.


  • Now, trace Snoopy’s ear on the left side of his head, directly below the horizontal construction line. It should be made to resemble the letter U.


  • Snoopy’s arm should be drawn to resemble a somewhat longer U shape with the body shape on the inside.


  • Make a long, flat oval underneath Snoopy’s body and attach it to it with two vertical lines. Make a similar oval on the right side, hidden beneath the first one.
  • To connect this oval to the body, add another vertical line. These will be Snoopy’s legs and feet.


  • The original Snoopy artwork by Charles M. Shultz from the Peanuts comic strip is complete! Once you have Snoopy’s basic outline drawn, go back and add more detail. Sharpen your pencil more sharply from this point forward to create darker lines and a more distinct sketch.


  • Snoopy’s head should be shaped generally, but the upper right side should be bent toward the middle. As you darken his skull, don’t shade the part that reaches past his ear.


  • Draw an ellipse on the left side of the vertical construction line below the horizontal construction line. Shade it in, save for a little oval at the top designed to represent glare. This will be Snoopy’s nose. The curvature of Snoopy’s lips should be a large U-curve that touches the back of his head.


  • Create two circles that mimic the number 6 and give them shading. These circles should be located above and to the left of the horizontal construction line. Here, we can see Snoopy’s eyes. On the top of his head, draw a strong curve representing his brows over each of his eyes. Draw the right brow on the outside of his head.


  • Draw a broad line directly beneath Snoopy’s neck to represent the collar. The man’s body darkened, except for the lower part of his torso, which is where his legs are.


  • Two tiny lines should be placed within Snoopy’s arm to represent his fingers, and his arm should be more angular. Use a few curved lines to represent Snoopy’s tail as a leaf-like form on the right side of his body.


  • Darken in Snoopy’s foot shapes, and draw a few vertical lines on the right sides to represent his toes.


  • Draw and shade an oval-shaped structure to depict the area inside Snoopy’s ear. Draw the area loosely; don’t make it too accurate.
  • Draw another area on his back and shade it in the form of a semicircle on the left side of his torso. Add another shape to the right side of Snoopy’s head where it meets his neck to depict the other ear.


  • Now I’m done! You now own a fantastic drawing of Charlie Brown’s pet dog Snoopy from Charles M. Shultz’s Peanuts comic strip. You can choose to continue to the step below or stop here for a more professional look.

Final Step:

  • Go over the remaining sketch lines with a pen or marker for a polished, inked effect. Use an eraser to remove any remnants of the pencil after the ink has dried. That’s it for now. Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s pet dog from the Charles.

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