Best Tips You Should Know to Take Care of Your Hairs

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Experimentation is the word that best describes our lives when it comes to hair. How many times have you washed it each year? How many times have you cut and dyed it? Do you take the time to care for your hair properly? If you notice any signs of trouble, it is time to establish healthy hair care habits to bring your dreamy, shiny hair back to life.

Learn to improve the health of your hair and give it a better look this summer with these tips and advice on how to take care of your hair.

Tips to keep your hair healthy

Care for your hair after and before washing it

You don’t have to brush your hair at night. It is possible to take the time to brush your hair in the morning before you wash your hair.

This will prevent your hair from becoming tangled and can help you avoid any omissions of the conditioner. This will ensure optimal untangling and the subsequent application of essential oils to complete care. Do you know how to make hair smell good without washing?

At the end of each wash, use cold water

Although it is an old trick, you have probably heard it before: Rinsing your hair with cold water after shampooing will make it shine. It is true because it stimulates blood circulation and closes your hair cuticle. You can use hot water to damage your hair if you have trouble with cold water.

Don’t rub your hair too hard

This is a very important point. It’s not necessary to rub your hair too much when washing it. Doing so activates the oil glands and creates an oily effect. You can apply the shampoo liberally to your scalp. Do not lift the hair above the head.

Use the same shampoo every time

You don’t have to change your shampoo every day. Stick with the formula that gives you good results. The benefits of shampooing with the same shampoo do not make hair immune to them, according to scientific evidence. It doesn’t matter if it works well for you.

Use a hair mask

Congratulations if you use a mask at least once a week! It is important to allow it to work for at least 5-20 minutes. Simply dry your hair with a towel, then apply your protective cream strand by strand. Apply heat to your hair with a transparent plastic film.

Before you go to bed, dry your hair

Sometimes, we get so busy that we forget to dry our hair at night. This is one of the most embarrassing beauty mistakes of our lives. It is not a good idea to put wet hair on your bed. Wet hair can cause irritation and damage to the scalp. You can get a better result by using a hair dryer with a minimal setting and a thermal protector.

Carefully brush your hair

How often do you wash your hair each day? Although I’m sure some people don’t brush their hair daily, it is important to do so. The how, when, and what to brush your hair is a crucial part of the equation.

Experts from different top hair salons recommend brushing your hair between 10-20 times per day, depending on how thick it is. What’s the point? It’s simple because brushing your scalp exfoliates it, removes product residues, stimulates blood flow, promotes growth, and enhances its shine.

Use a wide toothbrush

It is easier to damage hair when it is wet. To detangle hair, you should use a suitable brush. A wide toothbrush is the best choice. Remember to start at the roots and comb your ends. You will be amazed at the results of a natural bristle brush after your hair is dry.

Dry hair oils

While conditioners and masks can be helpful, oils are the best to restore dry hair. Oil can be used to restore the hair’s natural shine and color if it has been damaged by chemical treatments. The secret to natural beauty is to gently coat your ends with coconut oil or olive oil and then tie it up.

Hair cut according to the phases

It is important to check the ends at least once every two months to encourage hair growth. It is important to know when it should be cut.

This lunar phase is a good time to cut your hair if you want it to grow quicker and become stronger. This is also a great time to trim the ends that are bloomed or dry, which will improve the structure of the capillaries. When there is a gradual increase in lunar attraction, it is best to cut your hair between 12 and 6 pm.

Use the full moon to trim your hair if it is extremely damaged, dry, or otherwise lacking in shine and life. This will encourage it to become more healthy, vibrant, and stronger. You must cut between 6 AM and noon, or on the same day as this phase starts.

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