Best Product and Model photographers in Dubai

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Our approach to product and model photographers in Dubai is comprehensive. Our packs hot photo technology allows us to provide high-quality photos of your products and model from multiple angles, including packages and labels.

Product Shots

Grafdom uses state-of-the-art pack shot software to create professional product Photographers in Dubai that showcase your product in the best possible light. Online shoppers are often drawn to photos. Therefore, the quality of the photos you put on your website is one of the main factors determining your success. Potential customers see the quality of your photos and their level of detail as determining factors in whether they can trust your website to make the online purchases they expect.

Your business success is our top priority. That’s why our team focuses on the details of planning your packaging photography session, ensuring we cover every aspect of your product to earn the trust of your customers and build brand credibility.

Macro Products Photoshoot

Whether you’re a jeweler or an e-commerce store, regardless of your photography experience, our modern jewelry photography studio offers fine jewelry photography of rings, necklaces, watches, loose diamonds and more. Your product will stand out from all the competition by celebrating its uniqueness and making it attractive enough to buy.

With our expertise in jewelry photography, we take professional photos for different categories of rings, necklaces, earrings and more. I can photograph any complex work and make clients fall in love at first sight. Customers want to see every detail of your product to convince them to buy it. So macro photography is synonymous with sales and profits.

Create crisp, sharply focused jewelry images with Focus Stacking technology. Consistency between productions: maintaining the same quality, the same angle, the same editing takes after take. We make your products shine: the use of macro photography gives your customers a say in your jewelers. Aside from your design, it will only be judged by relying on the quality of the photographs of your gemstones posted on your website to be accurate and authentic.

Macro photography can also be used to capture products other than jewelry such as perfumes and fragrances, cell phones and highly detailed high-tech gadgets, sunglasses and cosmetics.

Product Photography

One of the fields of fashion photography, model photography is undoubtedly the most sought-after style of fashion photography. Showcase your collection with clear, consistent images that truly communicate your brand. Satisfy customers by allowing them to see your products in detail.

Great Tool for Shot

Perfectly sized mannequins, lighting, photography and professional post-production ensure your clothes and accessories look their best. All products are steamed, hung and prepared upon arrival. Please handle the product with care. Get ready for their moment on camera.

Ghost in the Studio

It goes without saying that using the ghost model technique in fashion photography can yield amazing results. The advantages of model photography are obvious. Models demonstrate shape, drape and fit. Meticulously crafted garments and design details bring the models to life.

By removing mannequins and inserting necklines and belts in post-production, you can perfectly showcase your seasonal fashion designs.

Ghosts in Photoshop

Post-production is an important part of the process. Our photographers work hard to ensure minimal retouching, but for unseen model shots, our experienced post-production team brings their expertise to the extreme.

Graphic Product Photography

Add texture, personality and style to your online store and social media feeds with graphic product photography, the most versatile and innovative approach to product photography in e-commerce.

Lay photography is the e-commerce equivalent of opening a garment in a store to get a better idea of the product’s fit, drape, and material quality.

Not only has lying flat become a viable alternative to ghostly model photography, but it’s go-to fashion photography for creative content in social media, magazines, look books, or catalogs without the use of models.

Model Shot

Showcase your products in their best light with our professional e-commerce photography service. Make your business stand out, dominate the market and explode your profits with the most professional product photography service in Dubai. Create captivating and engaging images to showcase your brand and promote your products online at our state-of-the-art e-commerce photography studio in Dubai.

Fashion and model photography remain the most popular photoshoot for online sales. If a white background or an online photo of an invisible ghost model is not suitable for your product, whether it is jewelry, clothing, accessories, cosmetics or anything else that needs a special human touch, please contact our studio. and an engaging solution plan! Including live model photos in your online photos transforms your photos from “just product photos” into something more relevant to your audience. When consumers see a product presented in a playful and engaging way, it is easier for them to imagine a relationship with the product rather than images that are not a more “normal” model.

Shots with Different Angles

We have a collection of professional models of all ages, sizes, genders and ethnicities. We work hard to find templates so you can take photos online from easy to simple to awesome.

Lifestyle Shot

Lifestyle product photography allows consumers to see products in the context of their design. It engages the imagination, lets customers imagine themselves, and the use of the product plays an important role in promoting the purchase of the product. Shapes Defined has extensive experience capturing stunning lifestyle imagery in top studios in Dubai.

Whether it’s fashion photography, food photography, jewelry photography, or other product photography, Shapes Defined is designed to give you the best possible results. We are experts in using natural light to bring out the beauty of your products. Not only does it integrate perfectly with artificial lighting, but it also ensures that all your shots look great even in bad weather!

We work with brands big and small. From major international brands to startups. Contact us to see how we can bring your ideas to life and discuss future projects. No matter what size your product is, our commercial e-commerce photography studio has you covered. Create the perfect environment for your products to shine, finding the right spot when you need it.

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