Top 15 Activities To Do In Balboa Island California 2023

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Newport Beach is well-known throughout California for its surfing, white-sand beaches, and spectacular sunsets. It’s also one of California’s top upmarket leisure destinations, offering a variety of activities like dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Balboa Island is the ideal location in Newport Beach to engage in all of these fun activities. Top-notch beaches, natural areas, and recreational opportunities can be found in this little harborside enclave near Newport Beach. Balboa Island was a narrow sand bar in the early 1900s before being reclaimed or artificially created.

Today, Balboa Island California is a beautiful vacation spot well recognised for its colourful marinas, picturesque sunsets, and unique way of life.

The entirety of Balboa Island and the neighbouring areas can be explored in a single weekend trip.

Here are the top activities on Balboa Island, California:

Experience Crazy Fun at Balboa Fun Zone

Visits to the Balboa Fun Zone are among the top things to do initially on Balboa Island.

This lovely amusement park is a great place to take the kids.

It offers thrilling amusement attractions, including the famous Ferris wheel, a carousel, and arcade games.

You can see the magnificent harbour at the same time.

The Balboa Fun Zone has been a coastal entertainment park in Southern California for a very long time.

Since 1936, it has amused Californians.

The amusement park’s original furnishings still make up a large portion of its design.

Balboa Fun Zone has a tonne of entertaining games and activities for you to enjoy.

At Fashion Island, indulge in retail therapy

Fashion Island, located in the centre of Newport Beach, is regarded as the area’s top dining and retail destination. Along with premier brands and regional favourites, Fashion Island has one of the best panoramic ocean vistas, making your vacation there feel tropical.

There are more than 30 dining establishments there.

It has more than a hundred shops at the same time. There is only one Neiman Marcus location in all of Orange County, and it is located on Fashion Island. Additionally, there are stores there for Elie Tahari, Rebecca Taylor, St. John, Bloomingdale’s, and Nordstrom.

Learn History at the Balboa Island Museum

This small island’s native museum is well-known for its intriguing offerings.

Numerous thousands of people frequently visit the museum.

The history of Balboa Island and Newport Beach is extensively covered in the special exhibitions at the Balboa Island Museum. It features a sizable collection of priceless artefacts from the region’s illustrious individuals and early inhabitants.

In contrast, it offers exclusive goods that you can purchase as mementos.

Its exhibits show how inhabitants used to go fishing, surf, and go about their other daily activities. You will learn more than you anticipate about the area’s history by spending an hour or two at this small museum on Marine Avenue.

Explore the Environmental Nature Center (ENC)

The Environmental Nature Center, located in Balboa Island and Newport Beach, is another distinctive site (ENC).

Although it may seem dull now, you’ll soon get over it.

A fascinating location to visit is the ENC. Through its interactive learning experience, Newport Beach’s natural environment will be revealed to you as you spend time outdoors. Visitors can hike the trails through a sanctuary with a diverse ecosystem. 

It also has an amazing butterfly house with a wide variety of butterflies in it. In addition to guided tours, ENC also provides a lengthy educational programme for those who desire to work in the environmental sector. Kids can also participate in its educational programme through engaging outdoor activities.

The Horizon Trace at Balboa Pier

The ideal location to relax with family or friends is Balboa Pier.

You can go there by yourself as well. Balboa Pier provides a gorgeous view of the Channel Islands in addition to a cool sea wind, the sound of breaking waves, and the sound of seagulls. You might want to do something more interesting.

To catch some fish, bring your fishing equipment to Balboa Pier. After spending some time at the pier, treat yourself to a big supper at one of the neighbourhood eateries before calling it a day. 

The Balboa Pier was built in 1906 and has been standing for more than a century.On Balboa Island, it is still one of the best spots to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Consider Life at the Saint John Vianney Chapel

Visit the Saint John Vianney Chapel on Balboa Island for a serious experience.

It’s the ideal location to practise meditation before leaving Balboa Island for your trip adventure.

Don’t be fooled by its charming appearance.

This chapel has a gorgeously decorated interior with a stunning altar as its centrepiece. The Saint John Vianney Chapel is the primary location for prayer and worship on Balboa Island, despite its modest size.

Go to Marine Avenue on Balboa Island to see the Saint John Vianney Chapel.

Hang Ten at the Wedge

“The Wedge” is a well-known surfing location in Newport Beach where surfers can frequently catch perfect waves. Surfers and observers watch from a distance as the ideal wave forms.The large breakwater on the side creates the waves you’ll witness at The Wedge.

These waves, which are known as coast-breaking waves, grow to a height of more than 30 feet as they approach the shore.

It’s the ideal wave, in a surfer’s opinion, to demonstrate their prowess. Non-surfers can still see surfers from a secure distance while they are at work. If you don’t like them, take a look at the quaint villas and beachfront homes nearby.

Hike the Buck Gully Reserve

This Newport Beach coastline preserve is a well-known hiking location. It offers coastal wilderness regions that showcase Newport Beach’s unadulterated beauty.

Large fields, seaside pathways, and even some San Joaquin foothills can all be explored. In addition to excellent hiking trails, Buck Gully Reserve has excellent spots for wildlife and bird observation.

In Newport, Orange County, Buck Gully Reserve serves as a natural habitat for nearby wildlife.

If you wish to engage in an exhilarating outdoor sport on Balboa Island, check out the Buck Gully Reserve. This location provides a great activity on Balboa Island without being expensive or requiring a long drive.

Sunbathe at the Newport Beach Pier

Be mindful of the reason(s) you came to Balboa Island in the first place. You went to the beach to relax and take in the sun. So, go to Newport Beach Pier to get a suntan or to go swimming with friends or family.

The Newport Beach Pier is home to a large number of resort hotels, eateries, retail establishments, and vacation rentals.

Walk down the pier and take in the lovely surroundings overlooking the far-off horizon for a more tranquil experience.

Enjoy the Municipal Beach in Newport Beach.

The major beach destination in the region is Newport Beach Municipal Beach, where you may enjoy beach activities. A five-mile stretch of white sand at Newport Beach Municipal Beach is available for beach volleyball, frisbee, beach soccer, surfing, and fishing.

Any of these activities can be enjoyed with family, friends, fellow travellers, or even locals who will amiably invite you to join them. Additionally, you may rent a bicycle and easily travel the entire stretch while taking in the views and sea air. Go to one of Newport Beach Municipal Beach’s restaurants to end your day with some delectable meal after a strenuous yet enjoyable day at the beach.

Learn About the Cute and Tiny Lido Isle

Balboa Island and Newport Beach are separated by Lido Isle.

Although it is largely a well-known residential area, it has more to offer.

Some of Newport Beach’s most picturesque marinas can be found on Lido Isle, particularly the yacht club and clubhouse. Lido Isle, established in the early 1900s, is an artificial island similar to Balboa Beach. Today, it’s a quaint neighbourhood with magnificent homes, classy yachts, and a relaxed atmosphere worth visiting.

At Orange Coast Winery, treat yourself to fine wine.

Visit the Orange Coast Winery in Newport Beach if you want to sample real California wines.

Wine enthusiasts and regular tourists who wish to sample top-notch wines frequent this renowned winery. You can order a bottle of its famous wines or just sip on a glass of wine.

The staff at Orange Coast Winery educates visitors in-depth about their wines, making it a unique wine tasting experience. Additionally, serve its wines with cheese platters and gourmet foods.

You can select from a variety of California wines while there. These wines include Lodi petite syrah, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and zinfandel.

Other Activities in the Area

At the Sherman Library & Gardens, experience tranquility.

It’s lovely to visit this 2.2-acre garden sanctuary in Corona del Mar, especially if you like to unwind.

Famous for its exquisite patios bordered by magnificent gardens and a conservatory connected by grand brick wall ways, Sherman Library & Gardens is a popular tourist destination.

This area is abundant with seasonal flowers that blossom fully in the spring. On the other hand, it features a lovely fountain that is ideal for individuals who wish to upload new photos to their social media accounts.

The wonderful botanical park in the neighbourhood of Balboa Island first opened its doors in 1955. Balboa is eight minutes away. The conservatory at NEC houses expertly grown ferns, heliconias, and rare orchids. The Sherman Library & Gardens should definitely be visited while exploring Balboa Island and the surrounding surroundings.

At the Corona Del Mar State Beach Park, take in the sea breeze.

Genuinely beneficial is the sea breeze’s calming aroma.

To experience this, go to Corona Del Mar State Beach Park. This state beach is a component of California’s state park system and spans 30 acres of shorelines with white sand.

This public state beach is a great location for swimming and other outdoor activities in addition to enjoying the sea wind. Because of the area’s lengthy expanse of white sand and striking contrast between the rock jetties and cliffs, locals affectionately refer to it as “Big Corona Beach.” Additionally, this location is excellent for swimmers, surfers, and divers.

Inspiration Point offers a panoramic view of Balboa Island.

The greatest place to see Newport Beach and Balboa Island is from this modest vantage point on Ocean Boulevard in Corona del Mar. It has an elevated topography and a well-kept pathway leading to the observation point at the top, where you can see the most beautiful sunsets and the Pacific Ocean.

Take pictures of the scenery from Inspiration Point if you want stunning keepsakes from your trip to Balboa Island. Inspiration Point, in addition to the piers in Newport Beach, is a great location for a break in a tour. Don’t miss the priceless opportunity to spend Inspiration Point’s golden hour.

Final Thoughts

California’s Balboa Island is more than just a premier beach resort. There are many interesting historical sites to explore. Despite Balboa Island’s small size, there are many things there that make for an enjoyable trip.

Which of these Balboa Island attractions are you going to see first? Finally, save this page for your upcoming trip to Balboa Island.

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