9 Easy Steps to Ensure Successful IVF Pregnancy

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IVF Pregnancy

As a couple, you are unique to others. And hence, your family expansion plan may be different and filled with a lot of struggle. You decide to see an expert at the best IVF centre in Bangalore or your locality when you notice your parenthood journey is very tough for you. And it is almost impossible without medical intervention. At the clinic, the expert suggests you have IVF treatment to conceive. And you become ready for it.  

Being ready for the IVF treatment does not mean you will have a baby in your lap. The expert can help you conceive. However, it would help if you made an effort at your end to ensure successful IVF pregnancy. Here are some practical steps for your assistance:

1. Have a healthy and balanced body weight 

You must maintain your body weight to stay fertile or have successful IVF treatment. Being underweight or overweight is harmful to your overall and reproductive health. Being underweight means your BMI is lower than 19, and being overweight means your BMI is above 25. You need to keep your BMI between 19 and 25 for healthy and balanced body weight. And it will facilitate maximum outcomes from your fertility treatment, such as IVF. 

2. Lower your stress level 

Usually, you stress a lot when facing fertility problems or trying to conceive. Remember that stress indirectly hampers your well-being and reproductive system a lot. It will help if you avoid stress, anxiety, and allied psychological issues. If you feel stressed, you need to work on lowering its level. And for this, you can meditate or practice deep breathing techniques. 

3. Optimise your sperm health or go with an egg donor program 

Pregnancy happens when a male’s sperm cell meets with an egg cell in the fallopian tube or uterus, and fertilization occurs. And there is a buildup of the uterus lining. For this, healthy sperm and egg are crucial. As a male partner, you must take care of your sperm health. And for this, you should take fertility-boosting foods and multivitamins. In addition, you should avoid placing your laptop on your lap and wearing tight undergarments. Further, it would help if you avoid prolonged exposure to industrial chemicals and extreme heat.   

4. Quit smoking 

Smoking badly affects your fertility and the success of fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization. It tampers the health and DNA of sperm and egg. And this can lead you or your baby to have chromosomal abnormalities. It is not easy to stop smoking cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. However, you must leave your smoking habit for the sake of your baby. You can request your family members or friends to interrupt you when you think of smoking or start smoking. Gradually, you will leave this bad habit. 

5. Stay active 

Having fertility treatments such as IVF does not mean you need complete bed rest until your doctor advises you. You can do household work and use stairs instead of a lift or escalator to stay active. You can for a morning/evening walk for 30 minutes if you can’t run or do exercises of high intensity. Further, you can perform light to moderate yoga poses. 

6. Take medicines on time

During the IVF treatment, your doctor will recommend certain medicines to facilitate the treatment process. It would help if you gave value to the consumption of prescription medications. Comprehend well when and what medicine you need to take in a day. A better understanding of the prescribed medicines will help you take them carefully at the right time.   

7. Lower your alcohol intake or leave drinking 

Like smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages is unsuitable for your overall health and fertility. As you make your family expansion plan or start having fertility treatments, both of you should leave your drinking habit. If it is hard to leave it altogether, you can lower its quantity gradually and make it down to a peg a week. It will be beneficial for you and your future baby. 

8. Eat healthy foods all the time 

What you eat has a direct impact on your fertility and overall health. A poor diet can make you weak. And this can lead to being underweight or overweight, which is not suitable for your conception. As far as possible, it would help if you stayed away from oily, fried, spicy, fast, junk, or undercooked/overcooked food items. Further, say a big NO to sugary items and soft drinks. You can take juice home and include green and seasonal vegetables and fruits in your diet.  

9. Always be in contact with your doctor 

IVF is a long-term fertility treatment. So, you may be at a clinic or home at certain times. Being at an IVF clinic/hospital is good. However, it would help if you visited your doctor soon when you face any weird thing while at home during the treatment. 


In vitro fertilization or IVF treatment is a lengthy and effective process. Apart from your doctor, you must be very careful to make your treatment successful. Following your doctor’s instructions and a healthy lifestyle can make your IVF treatment successful for you.   

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