8 Places to Visit in Sacramento for A Perfect Soul Detoxification

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Sacramento is its more famous sisters, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, but it doesn’t make it any less interesting. The state capital of California provides a more relaxed, non-touristy view of California metropolitan life. And, because it’s close to many of the state’s other top attractions, it’s ideal for a California road trip. It’s a great spot to take the kids. So, here’s our guide to the greatest activities to do with kids in Sacramento.

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8 Places to Visit in Sacramento:

1. Old Sacramento

Old Sacramento, or Old Sac as the locals call it, is a must-see when visiting the city. Sure, it has its share of cheesy souvenir shops, but the whole mood outweighs this, and it’s well worth investigating. The old town is on the sea, which contributes to its attractiveness. The old-fashioned confectionery stores will appeal to children, and don’t miss Danny’s Mini Donuts. Old Sac is home to a few other Sacramento family attractions on this list, including the State Railroad Museum.

2. California State Railroad Museum

It’s located on the waterfront in vintage Sac, and there are several vintage trains outside the museum that you may explore for free. Inside, highlights include exploring a sleeper train, where you can see the food cart and travel first class. The museum also offers historic train rides (see below). Tickets for the train journey are distinct from museum admission and can be purchased separately.  

3. Historic train

A ride along the Sacramento River on a train powered by a historic steam or diesel engine is a must for train enthusiasts. The 50-minute round trip gives you a taste of what train travels were like in the early 1900s. When they turn the train around at the final point, they perform a small signal demonstration. Take note that you never get off the train. It’s a one-way trip, and no food is permitted on the train due to its age (so stock up on snacks ahead of time!). Make sure you sit on the side towards the river for the best view.┬áIf you have plan to see historic train then, spirit flight booking at affordable prices,

4. Fairytale Town

Our kids (ages 2 and 4) loved Fairytale Town, where gigantic playground models bring many favourite children’s stories to life. Climb Owl’s treehouse’s slide, Jack and Jill’s hill, and Captain Hook’s ship in Winnie the Pooh. There are also many farm animals and two stages where events and concerts are throughout the year. It’s located next to Funder land and the zoo, so you could visit all three.

5. Funderland

Funderland is a unique children’s amusement park that has been in operation since 1946. You buy an admission ticket that allows you to ride all of the classic carnival rides. There’s a carousel, crazy teacups, a small train, and other attractions. Children under the age of 34″ are admitted free, but they cannot ride the bulk of the rides. In William Land Park, it’s right next to Fairytale Town and the zoo.

6. State Capitol

Did you know that Sacramento is California’s capital? I’m afraid I didn’t, so I was startled to find the State Capitol building, which appears like a smaller replica of the White House to my untrained eye. The majestic structure is a must-see in Sacramento, and there are some beautiful gardens in the back. You can look at the edifice from the outside, or the State Capitol Museum offers tours. You might even see the legislators in action.

7. Tower Bridge 

Another thing that shocked me was Sacramento’s Tower Bridge, which is painted bright gold. Unlike the red golden gate in San Francisco, this is California’s true golden bridge! I’ve never seen anything like it before.

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Make a point of seeing it during your Sacramento visit; the views of Old Sac are especially beautiful from the bridge.

8. Brewpub

Even with children, you can experience Sacramento’s thriving craft beer culture. There are many brewpubs in Sacramento, making it an activity. Drake’s: The Barn, a big venue with lots of areas for kids to run around, a kids’ menu, and lots of games like corn hole, particularly impressed us. On a sunny Friday night, it was stunning.

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