8 Outstanding Websites Offering Proofreading Help in Australia

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Proofreading Help in Australia- When explaining the importance of punctuation, you’ve probably encountered this example (or at least a version of this example):

“Let’s eat, grandma,” and “Let’s eat grandma.”

The comma does God’s work in differentiating an invitation to eat from an invitation for cannibalism.

Similarly, spellings are equally important when writing any assignment. After all, you wouldn’t want to let incorrect spellings “effect” your chances of securing an A+. But unfortunately, an Australian case study exploring the challenges of learning English spellings highlights how most students “display constrained metalanguage associated with spelling.” 

Grammatical issues in assignments aren’t far behind. The English grammar rules students learn from a young age go out the window when they become exposed to the colloquial language and internet slang from social media and their surroundings. A CNBC report highlights the grammar topics that students struggle with the most:

  • Apostrophes
  • Pronoun disagreement
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Comma splice

These errors might seem minor, but they can completely ruin your GPA when added up. After all, if your professors have to highlight such mistakes multiple times, it’s clear that you didn’t pay attention while writing or spend a few minutes proofreading the paper.

How to Ensure an Error-Free Assignment?

The best to avoid making errors in your assignment is to FOCUS on the work at hand. But that might be impossible if you have the attention span of a goldfish. However, you can take counter-measures to lessen distractions, such as:

  • Removing all electronic devices from your vicinity
  • Ensuring a comfortable study space

If these don’t work, the two remaining options include:

  • Option 1: Relying on a free proofreading tool
  • Option 2: Hiring professional experts to proofread your paper
  • Pros and cons of using a free online tool:
You can use the tool for free.You won’t be able to access the advanced features of free versions.
You can access the tool within seconds.The tool won’t understand the context of complex papers and will provide incorrect suggestions.
  • Pros and cons of hiring professional proofreaders:
The results will be more accurate.The service won’t be free.
You can get complimentary plagiarism checks.

Considering the pros and cons of both options, it’s safe to say hiring assignment proofreading services is your best bet. Moreover, as more and more websites slash their prices and offer reasonably-priced services, there’s nothing to hold you back from hiring a professional expert to proofread your paper.

But there’s still one problem left to address.

How do you choose the best website for proofreading?

That’s where my expertise kicks in!

8 Leading Academic Proofreading Services in Australia

After exploring the top academic guidance websites in Australia, I’ve shortlisted a few that have been providing top-notch services for decades. These eight websites have gained students’ trust by consistently providing excellent assistance in submitting a 100% error-free assignment.

[Disclaimer: The websites mentioned are not listed according to any preference. They have been shortlisted based on student reviews worldwide.]

1. MyAssignmenthelp.com

MyAssignmenthelp.com has been active since 2007, providing all kinds of assistance for academic papers. Whether you need help with your case study or dissertation, you can expect the professionals to step up and lend you a helping hand.

Top reasons why students prefer MyAssignmenthelp.com:

  • Thorough manual checking of every paper
  • Full report highlighting their most recurring errors

The website also provides a free proofreading tool with the most accurate results online.

2. MyEssayAssignmenthelp.com

MyEssayAssignmenthelp.com has hired over 500 academic scholars to assist you with your assignments. The team comprises professional proofreaders and editors who have spent years polishing students’ papers to perfection. Most of these professionals have graduated from top universities in Australia and have the academic record to back them up.

Top reasons to choose MyEssayAssignmenthelp.com for proofreading:

  • Timely delivery of urgent orders
  • Native experts go through every paper

Even though MyEssayAssignmenthelp.com has gained significant popularity, they provide excellent services without faltering once.

3. MyAssignmenthelp.co.uk

Even though MyAssignmenthelp.co.uk primarily provides proofreading assistance in the UK, it has branched out to Australia, the USA, Canada, and other countries. The proofreading team has received extensive coaching in Australian English, as is evident by the final proofread results.

Top reasons students hire MyAssignmenthelp.co.uk for proofreading:

  • Complimentary plagiarism checks
  • Improved edited assignments

The experts at MyAssignmenthelp.co.uk don’t stop at correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation. They also run your paper through a plagiarism checker and edit your assignment for better comprehension.

4. MyAssignmenthelp.live

MyAssignmenthelp.live differs slightly from the other websites on this list. This website is an online tutoring service that also provides editing and proofreading services. Here, you can either book a session to learn the tricks of proofreading your assignment currently or hire an expert to check your paper on your behalf.

Top reasons MyAssignmenthelp.live is the #1 choice for many students:

  • Additional suggestions to avoid mistakes
  • Q&A sessions to resolve your queries

Unlike other websites that provide quick solutions, MyAssignmenthelp.live tries to get to the bottom of the matter. Hence, they prioritise addressing the issue by providing one-on-one tutoring as a long-term solution as well as quick answers.

5. MyEssayHelp.co.uk

MyEssayHelp.co.uk is another academic guidance website that has gained relevance in the UK and has expanded to provide its service in other countries like Australia, New Zealand, the USA, etc. The experts are available 24/7 on this website to provide proofreading assistance.

Top reasons to consider MyEssayHelp.co.uk:

  • Amazing discounts all year round
  • Excellent communication from experts

MyEssayHelp.co.uk is one of the most affordable proofreading services available online. Moreover, you can reduce the price significantly with additional discounts and referral bonuses.

6. TopHomeworkhelper.com

TopHomeworkhelper.com has 3000+ live tutors who can resolve your assignment issues within minutes. Most of these professionals have completed their PhDs in English and have every grammar rule memorised to a T. Not only do they correct your mistakes, but they also improve your overall assignment quality by editing the content.

Top reasons to hire TopHomeworkhelper.com for proofreading:

  • Experts available 24/7
  • Instant solutions for urgent papers

TopHomeworkhelper.com allows students to check the educational qualifications of the experts before hiring them. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about someone from another discipline being unfamiliar with the technical jargon in your work.

7. AllEssaywriter.com

AllEssaywriter.com has established itself as a deserving inclusion in this list thanks to its outstanding experience in the academic sector. The website connects you to over 1100 renowned educators from 100+ disciplines. These professionals have proofread thousands of assignments and have an excellent track record of providing 100% satisfactory results.

Top reasons to choose AllEssaywriter.com:

  • Excellent customer care response
  • Proofreading various academic papers

AllEssaywriter.com is one of the cheaper options for students. You can even access free plagiarism checker to check the authenticity of your work.

8. Assignmenthelp.us

The final website I’ll be covering in this list is Assignmenthelp.us. This service is the #1 choice for students in the USA. However, several students in Australia who have hired their proofreading service praise it to the skies. According to these students, the service does a great job editing and proofreading assignments.

Top reasons to choose Assignmenthelp.us:

  • Affordable proofreading services
  • Complimentary editing and plagiarism checks

Even though the primary target for Assignmenthelp.us is the USA, the website has hired several Australian experts to expand its services in the country.

To sum it up,

Finding exceptional proofreading services in Australia is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But once you find a few reliable websites, you can reduce the academic burden from your shoulders. The websites highlighted in this blog have excellent reputations in the student community and can help you achieve your goals.

Author bio:

Stephanie Coles is a professional academic expert providing assignment proofreading services at MyAssignmenthelp.io. She graduated from a reputable university in Australia. Coles is also an excellent blogger and offers guidance courses to students online.

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