5 Tips for Choosing the Excellent Banded Agate Jewelry.

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Banded Agate Jewelry

Every gemstone of jewelry, whether that stylish and sizzling piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry to exquisite and divine Banded Agate jewelry, the beauty and overall quality is basically influenced by four factors. They are:

  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Weight
  • Price

To let you make the most miraculous choice, let’s delve deep into each of these factors in a scrupulous way.

How to Choose the Best Colour?

If you will take the opinion of some prominent jewelry designers and experts, then you will realize that the best quality and authentic Banded Agate jewelry would usually emanate a whitish, reflective hue. And this divine and alluring white energy is the most prominent trait of Banded Agate jewelry which symbolizes the peace and tranquillity associated with the moon god.

In addition, the alluring and aesthetic-driven bluish sheen makes it highly exquisite and unique as compared to similar graded gemstones in the market. This stunning, sizzling, and stupendous crystal-clear bluish tone of Banded Agate jewelry is what drives the beauty of this stone to peak levels of excellence.

Furthermore, a fascinating but less well-known truth is that the blue shine of an actual Banded Agatewould appear differently depending on the angle from which it was viewed. However, if the Banded Agategives off a dwindling or dull appearance, then avoid purchasing it and believe it to be false.

On a final note, the best quality and the finest quality Banded Agate jewelry in the market would have an electric and reflective bluish sheen, complimented with varied touches of blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and white.

What Should be the Preferred Quality of Banded Agate Jewelry?

Just imagine that you have finally targeted a fine-quality specimen of alluring and stupendous Banded Agate Jewelry. Now what should be the next factor that you should consider in order to ensure the beauty and mystic appearance of moonstone?

And that factor is clarity which plays a potent role in redefining the quality and charm of moonstone. Top-graded Banded Agate jewelry would usually have a reflective and crystal-clear surface. Further, the clarity can range from being slightly translucent to completely opaque.

Some rare and valuable specimens can emanate a highly clear surface that would be having a negligible degree of inclusions. Goes without saying, a must-have trait to lend a mystic beauty is that the stone must be free of inclusions and impurities. The reason is, any sort of interference by impurities can subdue the reflection of the adularescence on being struck by the natural light.

So, check out this factor before finalizing your choice.

How to Assess the Cut of Banded Agate Jewelry?

With a comparatively not-so-satisfying score of about 5.5-6 on the Mohs scale of hardness, Banded Agate is quite soft and delicate when compared to other similar quality and graded gemstones in the market like aquamarine and the London blue topaz.

From a standpoint of a customer, it demands some extra care and concern to ensure the prolonged durability and longevity of Banded Agatejewelry. Well, for jewelry designers, this softness opens up doors of opportunities for them as they can lend some highly attractive and amazing designs and patterns to that raw and untreated piece of moonstone.

The cheesy-picked style of the cut that most jewelry lovers prefer to see in their Banded Agatejewellery is the cabochon style.

The mystical and gleaming beauty of Banded Agate jewelry tends to appear 10x stupendous and mystical when paired with the cabochon-style cut. The only major factor to consider while evaluating the cabochon cut is that the dimensions of the overall cut must be consistent and the profile should not be completely flat. In the case of a flat surface, the sheen would appear a bit dull. Eventually, it could sacrifice the beauty of the jewelry.

In addition to that mystic cabochon cut, faceted moonstones are also becoming quite popular and prominent nowadays. These cuts given to the Banded Agate enhance the beauty and brilliance by concealing any inclusions that may be present.

Carat Weight

In a nutshell, the overall weight of Banded Agate jewelry can significantly vary across different pieces and variety. For example, an average quality Banded Agate in the market with its ethereal bluish sheen can almost weigh close to around 15-20 carats. Besides, those rare specimens that lend a glorious and awe-inspiring silvery to white adularescence, go up to even 100-150 carats.

On the flip side, those pieces with less than 15 carats are probably fake ones.


By far, the most affordable and budget-friendly gemstone jewelry that you can come across in the casting gemstone jewelry market. With just a small chunk of your savings, you can adorn the mystic beauty and timeless elegance of Banded Agate jewelry. The main factor that drives and influences the price of Banded Agate jewelry is how brilliant and beautiful is the glue of its natural color phenomenon known as adularescence.

On an average basis, good quality and authentic Banded Agatecan cost you somewhere around $5 to $50 per caret. However, if you are looking for top-notch quality Banded Agate jewelry with a glamorous and magnificent show of adularescence, then be ready to invest a precise sum of around $250-$300/creator more than it.

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