16 Things to Look Forward to in A Webinar Platform

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Opportunities don’t happen; you create them.

It is a true quote as the experts have created various opportunities for the hosts and audiences in a simple webinar. You can get a seamless experience with exceptional features and functionalities. However, it is essential that you know which experts are the best for you.

Hence, here is a comprehensive list of things to help you find the best webinar solution with additional and beneficial features.

  1. End-To-End Customization: You can get a complete customization option with the right webinar platform. It can be helpful for hosts to share their requirement list and integrate every aspect they want in their event. Furthermore, you can get the desired customization opportunities to help create an event as you desire.
  2. Unlimited Streaming: You have to look for an online webinar platform that can offer a never-ending streaming option. It can create an absolute path for your streaming, offering you the best features and functionalities to make your event seamless.
  3. Brilliant Branding: You can choose the best live webinar hosting platform that can offer you various spaces for promoting your brand and sponsors. Furthermore, you can only get the reputed organization to collaborate and market with you through good advertising. Hence, ensure that the experts offer you the freedom to display images, flyers, brochures, videos, clips, gifs, pdfs, files, infographics, and more types of content.
  4. Seamless User-Experience: You must ensure that the audience loves what you have created without interruption. Furthermore, you can add an introduction video, navigation, schedule, and many more things to make the audience have more fun. Also, you have to ensure that you provide the best features in your event that can pivot the user experience to something better.
  5. Worldwide Content Reach: You can reach a global audience with the right content. Furthermore, content is king, and it can engage international audiences. Hence, the best webinar platform offers you a virtual library where you can upload all the types of content that can help engage your participants.
  6. Enriching Engagement: You can add some special elements to boost engagement at an online event. Furthermore, you can add gamification with the webinar software. It is the AR/VR games that audiences can play during a break as well as the live session to keep themselves entertained. Secondly, you can integrate a social wall into your event to showcase the online and social media discussions during your live event. Third, you can add an AR-based photo booth to help engage the audience in taking selfies with different backgrounds and themes provided at the event platform. Fourth, you can make the gamification a lot more exciting and audiences competitive with the leaderboard. It can help showcase everyone’s scores in real-time.
  7. Privacy and Security: The hosts ensure complete event data and broadcasting 100% safety and security. Furthermore, the live webinar services offer an end to end encryption and protection from any cyber attack and threats. Hence, you can conduct and attend an online webinar without hassle as all your data is safe with the technical experts.
  8. Clap or Hoot Sound: You have to take special care of the entertainment for the audience. Hence, you can use the clapping and hooting sounds at your event sessions as the live webinar services provide. Furthermore, it can keep your audience listening to the session and respond accordingly by using the right sound. Also, it can be encouraging for the speaker as they can get in-person event responses from the audience.
  9. Emoticons: It will be more beneficial and engaging for the audiences if they get different aspects to express their feelings with the speakers. Hence, the best webinar services offer different emojis to help connect the audience and speakers more effectively. Furthermore, the audiences can use emoticons to respond to the experts in a live session.
  10. Live Real-Time Audience Interaction: The audience may have many questions and topics to discuss with the speakers. So, they must get an excellent chance to interact with experts. Furthermore, the best webinar software provides live real-time audience interaction features, where the speaker can invite the attendee to join the stage and interact.
  11. Multi-Device Support: The attendees always struggle to use a suitable device or browser to join the webinar. However, you can create a webinar that can be easily accessible with any of the audience’s machines and joinable from any browser. No need to download any app or software!
  12. Ticker: You can share all the changes, announcements, updates, schedule changes, speaker changes, session changes, or any other information. Furthermore, you can integrate a ticker that can help create a push notification for the audience, personalized or non-personalized. Hence, it will pop up on the participant’s screen, which can be beneficial in making them notice the message first.
  13. Countdown: You can create a sense of urgency for your webinar and sales audiences without difficulty. Furthermore, you can add a countdown timer on your registration page showing the time left for the webinar registration to end. It will make them register quickly. Also, you can show your brand sale on the live webinar and roll using the countdown timer.
  14. Real-Time Analytics: You can get insightful analytics and report for your event with the best webinar service providers. Furthermore, it can help measure the success rate of your event and create a better strategy for your next event.
  15. 24*7 Backend Support: You can get instant resolution for all the technical trouble you face in real-time. The webinar services offer 24/7 backend support.
  16. On-Demand Webinar Possibilities: You can also create an on-demand webinar with the help of the recorded videos of your live videos. Furthermore, you can create a different video-on-demand platform with all the content, or you can create short clips to use for online promotion.

So, these are the various things you can consider while choosing an online webinar solution. You can get numerous additional features per your requirements if you pick a fully customizable solution.

I hope you will find this article beneficial in looking for more seamless and immersive live webinar services.

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